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Hi! I'm selling almost all of my manga collection and a few rare book and dvd sets, mostly b/c I need the money. If you buy more than one set of a series, I'll definitely think about lowering the price even more (I'm generally very nice ^^). If interested, either leave an e-mail or message here, or e-mail me at ashenwings@sbcglobal.net.

My feedback on garagesalejapan: http://community.livejournal.com/garagesalejapan/519955.html?thread=4839443#t4839443.

You can also click on the series title or thumbnail (if more than 1 series is in the photo) for a bigger photo. If you want more photos or wish to inquire for more details on any of the items, just ask. =)

I accept paypal, money orders, and concealed cash (at your own risk). Books will be shipped via media mail unless otherwise desired. Shipping prices:
1-3 books: $2
3-6 books: $3
7-10 books: $4
11+ books: $6

Other shipping methods are also available, but I don't cover those costs.


Wish by Clamp
vol 2-4
$4 each, $10 all

Rumic World Trilogy by Rumiko Takahashi
vol 1-3 (complete set)
$4 each, $10 all

Rumic Theater by Rumiko Takahashi
vol 1-2 (complete set)
$5 each, $9 all

Challengers by Hinako Takanaga
vol 2-4 (Jpn)
$5 each, $12 all

D.N.Angel by Yukiru Sugisaki
vol 1-8
$35 all

Selfish Love by Naduki Koujima
vol 1-2 (complete set)
$6 each, $11 all

Real Bout High School by Reiji Saiga, Sora Inoue
vol 1-6 (complete set)
$20 all

Boy Princess by Seyoung Kim
vol 1 - 4
$20 all

Neck and Neck by Lee Sun-Hee
vol 1 - 5
$23 all

Planet Ladder by Yuri Narushima
vol 1, 2, 4, 5, 7
$23 all

Lost Boys by Kaname Itsuki

Only the Ring Finger Knows by Satoru Kannagi, Hotaru Odagiri

Gamerz Heaven by Maki Murakami
vol 1-2 (Eng)
$5 each
vol 3-4 (Jpn)
$5 each

Card Captor Sakura by Clamp
vol 1-3, 5, 6
CCS Master of the Clow
vol 1-6
note: MotC contains a bookmark card of sorts and two color art pages in each volume.
$25 for MotC set

Pokemon by Toshiro Ono
Pikachu Shocks Back
The Electric Tale of Pikachu
$3 each

Kissing by Teiko Sasaki, Shoko Takaku

X-Day by Setona Mizushiro
vol 1 - 2 (complete set)
$9 all

Tramps Like Us by Yayoi Ogawa
vol 1

X2 by Shouko Akira

Maison Ikkoku by Rumiko Takahashi
vol 6

Dragon Hunter by Hong Seock Seo
vol 1-2
$8 all

Azumanga Daioh by Kiyohiko Azuma
vol 1-4 (complete set)
notes: I just found my vol 1, so the whole set is available.
$16 all

Our Kingdom/Bokura no Oukoku by Naduki Koujima
vol 3-5 (Jpn)
$4 each

Magic Knight Rayearth by Clamp
vol 1-6 (complete set)
notes: vol 1-3 are in VERY used condition
$15 all

Ranma 1/2 by Rumiko Takahashi
vol 2-20, 22-27
notes: 14&15 in very used condition, but everything else is like-new
$4 each
$65 all


Lovely Complex live action movie DVD (Limited Edition)
-like new. I opened it, watched it once, even kept the plastic wrapping on it
-bonus disc w/ original trailer and other extra features
-Otani wrist IDs
-illustrated 12-pg booklet
-film poster
-10 "Kyun-death" band-aids

Death Note vol 13 special edition box set
-like new, never took anything out, except to take the photo
-detailed, white art box
-five figures
Tags: manga: english, manga: japanese, movies
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