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06 August 2008 @ 02:48 pm
HEY! I just got a bunch of new art supplies that are sitting outside *rotting* right now that I need to make room for. Halpp? 

Disregard any of the prices set on my journal... 
from now on ALL individual manga/yaoi manga are $5 shipped The Death Note set is now $42 shipped [thats volumes 1-8!] and the rest of the sets of books are $5 times however many books there are in the set. I do hope that made sense.... :/ lol
ALL doujinshi are $12 shipped
ALL DVDs are $7 shipped ... however the Honey & Clover movie's price is now lowered to $25 shipped :D and for FLCL vol 1-3 $21 shipped! VHS are $5 now!
ALL phone charms are $5 shipped
ALL bento items are $5 shipped
ALL posters are $6 shipped
ALL j-rock CDs are $10 shipped

:D I accept paypal and concealed cashhh! Thanks :3