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Dir en Grey and Moi Dix Mois Sale

Hallu!  I have a few CD's and a single for sale.  All are priced at $10USD plus the cost of shipping, so let's find these goodies a new home. :3  Please e-mail me at in regards to these items, as I will not be checking this post or the post on my journal (blackshepherd) for comments.  That is the quickest way to catch my attention.


Kisou  (Dir en Grey)
Vulgar (Dir en Grey)
Dixinfernal (Moi Dix Mois)


Kasumi (Dir en Grey)

Payment:  I only accept Paypal now, as the Western Union in my town closed up.  The next closest location is 20 minutes away, so yeah I live in the boonies. =/  I sent Paypal invoices, which do not require you personally to have a Paypal account, so please e-mail me the correct e-mail to send said invoice to.

Shipping:  I ship anywhere people inhabit!  I personally am in the USA, so I use USPS method of shipping.  I do ask that you pay for the shipping, so e-mail me with your location of being (plus state and zip-code if in the USA) so I can correctly price your shipping.  I try to use the most inexpensive option, but if you want a certain one, let me know so I can tell you that price.  I also try to ship within 3 days of payment received, but if I will be taking longer, I will let you know.  Usually I ship the next day (or same day if before noon) as I pass the PO every day to tend to my horses. :3

All items are in great condition, some even being exceptional, and I have plenty of references in the case you would like feedback on my previous sales.  Just e-mail me, and I will gladly fork over as many or all the comments previous buyers have left me.

*Behind the cut are some photos of the items for sale.  Sorry some got a tad blurry!  More detailed photos are over on my journal blackshepherd (LJ cuts are not working e.e).

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