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3 Hiroki Narimiya Photobooks

I bought these photobooks a long time ago and I love them, but I am SUPER broke since school is starting soon, so I'm getting rid of all the photobooks and also my Peach Girl and Fushigi Yuugi manga (which I will post later).

I used to have scans of all the photobooks, but whoever hosted it is no longer a member of LJ, so all I could find is scans to MILK. Sorry guys. :(

I'm....Hiroki Narimiya

His first photobook! Mostly colorful shots of him being a big dork, very cute and playful. The size is roughly 12 in by 8 in. and about half an inch thick. It has stickers in the front that have never been used.

Rah Rah

His 2nd photobook. Basically a collection of articles of movies and dramas he's worked in and actors that he's worked with. Quite a bit of Oguri Shun in there! ♥ Roughly 12 x 9 in and half an inch thick. Free poster included (folded, never been hung).

MILK: http://amarylliszai.livejournal.com/15429.html

Hardcover! Smaller than the other 2, but the pictures are very beautiful and artistic. Roughly 10 x 7.5 inches, and half an inch thick.

I will also probably throw in a few magazine clippings.

All 3 are in good condition, not mint, obviously, since they're quite old, but nothing more than a bent corner or two. They are $20 each, not including shipping. Shipping is something that I can only tell you once I know where you live, because these photobooks are quite heavy, and shipping is based on weight and location.

This is first come, first serve, but if you do not provide me with payment in a timely fashion, it will go to the next person. Paypal is the preferred method, but I will also accept concealed cash, at your own risk.

Just leave me a comment specifying which book(s) you want and your email address, and I will get back to you ASAP.


P.S. Mods, this is my first time posting here and I'm unfamiliar with the tags, so please edit this as you see fit. Sorry to be difficult.

EDIT: Just realized that some people might be wary of buying from someone who they know nothing about, so here's the the link to my eBay profile
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