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Selling the following:

-Dragonball Z Wallscroll - $10

-Gravitation Vol. 1 - $7

-Ranma 1/2 manga Vol. 17 - $7

-Metroid Prime for Gamecube - $15

-pink tinted framed glasses - $5

Sorry for the bad quality. These were taken with camera phone.

DBZ wallscroll with SSJ Gohan, Goten, Trunks and SSJ3 Gokou.
The scroll is missing the 2 peices at the bottom by the way.

Both in mint condition.

The disc is perfectly new. The case is kinda used up though.

the glasses

Shipping is $3.50. Sorry, I only ship in the U.S and Canada. I accept checks, money orders and cash. Any questions, leave a comment here or email me at candipop(at) Thanks.
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