Billie A-S (its_prurience) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Billie A-S

things have got to go

manga and books for sale at a flate rate (no extra for shipping!) paradise kiss, naruto, flcl and more...$6 each. buy a whole set off of me for cheap too :)

being utterly miserable during my first year in college led me to spend way too much time in barnes and nobles and caused countless hours spent online shopping. i have amassed so much crap and now it's time to get rid of it. i'm selling mostly manga, a few books here and there. some of the titles i have with me (in my dorm room), and some i left at home, when you contact me i can tell when i'll be able to ship things out. the graphic novels are 6$ each. i would really prefer paypal but i cannot accept credit card payments.

thank you! email me if you have any questions-

.hack//sign vol 1

.hack//sign vol 2

x/1999 vol 1

tsubasa chronicle vol 1

pita-ten vol 1

getbackers vol 1

di gi charat vol 1

di gi charat vol 2

aquarian age: juvenile orion vol 1

aquarian age: juvenile orion vol 2 (I think I have 3 too)

megatokyo vol 1

megatokyo vol 2

naruto vol 1

naruto vol 2

naruto vol 3

naruto vol 4 (SOLD)

golden cain (HOLD)

pet shop of horrors ($50 for the whole set)(HOLD)

demon diary ($50 for the whole set)

suki vol 1

paradise kiss ($40 for the whole set)

hands off vol 1

FLCL ($10 for both)

b-boy 16 (yaoi by the way)(SOLD)

xxx holic vol 1 (Japanese)

lament of the lamb vol 1

cosplay girls $20

yami no matsuei doujinshi (tatsumixtsuzuki) $2(SOLD)

gothic and lolita bible: special edition $10 (SOLD)

how to draw manga: couples $10 (SOLD)

how to draw manga: male characters $10(SOLD)


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