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We need to get rid of these....I mean REALLY need to Get Rid of them. See if you're interest in anything and let us know.

All of them are in English. All are in like new condition, except for Ultimate X-men #27 has a small tear in the back cover, but still in one piece.

We'll tell you the total (and accurate) price with shipping afterward. So shipping price listed is not actually, just a rough estimate. We'll also be sending them out priority mail, unless you prefer something else?

- Ayashi no Ceres comics (not Manga, not Graphic Novels) #1-21
- El Hazard comics (not Manga, not Graphic Novels) #1-5
- X-men single issue (see picture) [If you buy all the X-men stuff we'll throw in the extra comics for free]

Manga (yes, the graphics novel kind), still in English:
- Real Bout High School 1-4
- Dragon Knights 1-3
- Brain Powered 1
- Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 1 (all in color)

Payment methods:
We'll accept Paypal, personal check, money order, and er...well-concealed cash but do so at your own risk.

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Ayashi no Ceres by Yuu Watase, Viz comic books version before they decide to go Manga on us. Prefer to sell these as a whole set. That's 21 issues for $10, original price is $2.95 each issue. Shipping is no more than $6, should be.

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Brain Powered manga vol 1, $4.50 + whatever shipping is. Shipping should be no more than $4 for priority mail.

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Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon manga in full color, $5 + whatever shipping is. Shouldn't be more $4 for shipping.

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Dragon Knights manga vol 1-3. Prefer to sell as a set for $12. If individually is $4.50 each + shipping. Shipping for all of them shouldn't be over $6, individually no more than $4.

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El Hazard comics issues 1-5, prefer to sell as a set for $3 + whatever shipping is (Prolly no more $4.)

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Real Bout High School manga vol 1-4, prefer to sell as a set for $16, and $4.50 invidually. Shipping shudn't be more than $6.

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X-men comics! Prefer to sell them all for $2. Original Price was $2-3 per issue. Shipping shudn't be more than $3~4
o> X-treme X-men #11
o> Ultimate X-men #27
o> X-men the special movie prequel edition

PLUS!!! You get these for free if you buy all the X-men ones!
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Random comics. Free only with X-men comics.

x-posted everywhere ._.

Let us know if you're interested, cuz we'll get rid of them other non-profited ways anyway ._. (aka BURNING THEM!! FUN!!)
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