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Okay, I've got a bunch of crap that I picked up in Japan [and some that's been laying around unused in my room] that I don't care for/need anymore. So I'm going to do a sort of personal auction-thing. Since I have no clue of the value of most of these things, and some seem to be rare items... I'll just have a reserve price in place [I won't sell it until the offer gets past a certain price], but let people make offers. Photos and descriptions are in the link!

  • Flare
  • Hazime
  • Karla
  • Missalina Rei
  • Noir fleurir
  • Psycho le Cemu
  • Sads
  • Suppurate System
  • The ASK
  • Vidoll
  • Cure Magazine
  • Gothic & Lolita Bible
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