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Selling Jrock And More~!!!!

selling plastic tree, the back horn, larine, gackt, gaagaling and more!!
click the link below for more, or check out my selling livejournal saladstore
all my prices have been lowered, and new items have been added XD


Plastic Tree - 花燃えて、亡霊の涙、天幕に堕ちる。 -Live & Clips 2005 [13.00]
(Hanamoete, Bourei no Namida...)

The Back Horn - Emotion Picture Vol.1 [Limited Press] [new] [19.00]
bought it for a little over $30, so i'm selling it for $20 + shipping
its brand new, only been played once with all the original inserts and booklets
additional pictures [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ]


lareine - fleur [10.00]

Fruits Basket - Memory For You [10.00]

Gackt - (野に咲く花のように) [9.00]
No ni Saku Hana no Youni

HASYMO / RESCUE - Yellow Magic Orchestra/RYDEEN 79/07 [9.00]

GaGaaling - RENDEZVOUS [5.00]

ElDorado - 革命論 demotape [20.00]
only 200 copies made!

DENTAKU - カラフルクリスマス [30.00]
this cd is one of the rarest cds i own, but due to financial situations i have to sell it :( only a handful of these were ever made, and released at Eiji's own live shows.

freebies with order

not shown
  • DJ お尻 - Tainted Plentys [15.00]
    • (this is REALLY rare!! only 15 copies where made and it was a live only distro :OO, but I might be willing to trade it for something else ;o; since I don't really like collecting CDs)
  • FOOL'S MATE [may 2008] [12.00]
  • Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (GC) [10.00]

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