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CHEAP! Wallscrolls, Fashion Texts, Manga, Anime, Miyazaki Bio, LOTS more...

Konbanwa minnasan!

Tonight I have a few items from my closet that I need to send out in order to make munnies for last minute back-to-school shopping (art history texts and art supplies=can I sell my kidneys now?).


*All items are next to new in quality.

*I usually accept reasonable offers on items if my prices are too high.

*Prices do not include shipping, I am willing to haggle reasonably. :3

*I have excellent feedback on the loligothdbs, (
</a></b></a>cheriecherie) as well as on Marketplace Sales for Den of Angels (here).

*I am a US Seller, and I only accept Paypal because I've never sold with anything else.

*Please Comment Here.

*Be Specific with what you would like please, not just "The Upper Left Manga"! I would like the full title listed in your comment.

*Have a question you don't wanna post? Email me:

Arigatou and "happy shopping"!

Item overview (Books and a DVD)!

Details and Pricing!

Death Notes, Collector's Items!
Bought these at a con last summer, and never used them even for cosplay. They include the original "Rules" by Ryuk as well as the fake ones by Raito, and the first ten pages or so includes Raito's writing. Very cool. Only one of them still has the box, but they are both available for sale and are new.

** I will accept $12 for the copy without a box!

And last, but not least, Wallscrolls. I would like $7 each for these, please.

I also have a Black and White BodyLine two piece coordinate set from Harajuku for sale. If you are interested please comment and I will reply with a link to the consignment site I have sent it to.

Thank you for looking lovelies!
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