miss k (agentscuiy) wrote in garagesalejapan,
miss k

Putumayo goth/punk pants for direct sale

My friend asked me to buy her an item from Putumayo but they were sold out, so I bought something similar in the store but it's not the right size for her. You can't return things in Japan so I'm hoping someone will buy them here >_____<

They are exactly these: http://www.putumayo-home.com/t183.htm
Details: http://www.putumayo-home.com/t183-saib.htm
Short pants with detachable pleated skirt over, detachable leg warmers (so you can wear them 4 different ways). Black x red.
Waist 72.5 cm (about 28.5 inches)
Hip 100 cm (about 39 inches)
Max length 111 cm (about 43.7 inches)

These are from the Spring Collection, brand new, I just bought them a couple hours ago x_x Still all packaged up neatly from the shop. They came to a total of $145 with tax, which is what I'm asking for them. If you're interested, please comment.
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