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[New Sales! GIGANTIC LOT of Anime posters!]

Hello everyone at GarageSale! It's back to school soon, or University for some of us, so it's time to sell things as well!

I have a main sales post which can be found here But I'm copying all of my 'important sales directly onto this post =33

For sale today we have Anime Posters, Manga, Comics, Figures, PINKY's, San-X Stationary, a Doujinshi and an Artbook!

Warning! Image heavy under the cuts xD For a full view of the images, right click and 'view image' =33

-All prices are listed in GBP, for other currencies such as USD, please use to convert the currency
-Prices do not include shipping for domestic OR international, please ask me for a rough quote.
-Prices are not set in stone; you can haggle with me, I won't bite your head off xD
-I will charge for paypal fees - sorry!

Payments I accept are: Paypal ONLY for international buyers, UK residents can pay by cheque but I do prefer Paypal.

-I will ship to anywhere in the world. I am familiar with UK and USA shipping prices, for anywhere else I will need to check with the post office directly.
-Again, shipping is not included in the initial item prices, so ask me for a quote.
-In the event that I overcharge you on shipping by a significant amount I will refund you. Sometimes it is not worth refunding due to currency conversions.

I have sold a few things over Ebay, although I'm more of a buyer than a seller. Ebay Feedback can be found here.

My LJ feedback post can be found here.

My pkmncollectors feedback is located here:

I will take trades however, you need to offer me something I am interested in. I would much rather take money than do a trade with you as a rule of thumb, because that caused me problems in the past with difficult buyers who only wanted to trade and not buy when they had nothing I wanted. If you wish to trade, then ask, but I cannot guarantee I will be interested, so please bear in mind that if you really want what I have, you may have to pay for it rather than trading. Currently I am looking for: Sailor Moon merchandise, Shugo Chara merchandise, Lucky Star merchandise, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha merchandise, and Megami magazines.

All Manga are in used condition unless otherwise stated; read once and then shelved/stored away. Only shelf wear is visible. I also have Sample Pages of all manga/books, please ask me if you would like to see some.

Tsukihime Volume 1 -£3 SOLD
Hinadori girl Volume 1 - £3
RG Veda Volumes 1 and 2 - £3 each
Mari Okazaki's 'Sweat and Honey' - £3 Some Shoujo-ai/hentai content PG-13
Yuri Monogatari Volume 5 - £3 Yuri/Shoujo-ai content. A book of short-stories.

Mouryoukiden - Volumes 1, 2 and 3. (Complete set!) Includes pull-out poster pages still intact) By an artist formerly of Clamp. £3 each

Shinobu Kokoro YAOI. Content 16+

Selling on behalf of someone else.
Inuyasha Volumes 1, 2 and 20. £4 each
Mermaid Saga Volume 1 - £4
Candidate for Goddess Volumes 1 and 2 £4 each

Paradise Kiss Volume 1 - £4
Jinki: Extend Volume 1 - £4
Kamunagara: Rebirth of the Demonslayer Volume 1 - £4
Pita-Ten Volume 1 - £4

PINKY's and Figures

Street Fighter, Chun-Li and Sakura PINKY'S I paid £10/$20 for these so I'd like to break roughly-even, they've barely been displayed and are in excellent condition

Jo and Meg from Bakuretsu Tenshi figures. roughly 15cms tall. Good condition! Have been gently display for roughly 3 years, gathered a little dust (have been cleaned!) but no sunlight damage due to their display position. PVC material. Still with original boxes. £10 each or both for £15!

Fairy Musketeers FIGUMATE roughly 3" tall. Comes boxed. £2

Mai Hime trading box figures. Contains Natsuki Kuga, Mashiro Kazahana
, and Nao Yuuki. Both Mashiro and Nao have shiny/special/transparent hair. 3 out 6 in the set (missing Mai, Mikoto and Fumi) Only one box. £3 each or £7 for the set.

Taki from Soul Calibur gashapon(?) Missing original black stand, but will stand by herself. Was a gift and has not been displayed for long. £2

tationary/Sanrio/San-X items

Mamegoma Gift set(Contains small denim bag, pencil, eraser, 8 notepad sheets and tissues) Bag has been used a few times, notepad is missing 2 sheets, everything else is new. £4 or best offer.
Pink Cinnamoroll letter set; 6 pages and, 3 envelopes and 4 stickers(one used) £2
Blue Cinnamoroll letter set; 23 pages, 8 envelopes and 10 stickers $5 SOLD

Pink hardback Mamegoma notebook , 315 pages £3
White hardback Rilakkuma notebook , 315 pages £3
Pictures of insides at request

Softback (slightly smaller than A4) Pink Mamegoma notebook, unlined pages, 150 pages £3
Soft back (slightly smaller than A5) Blue Mamegoma notebook, lined pages, 150 pages £3
Pictures of insides at request.

Card Captour Sakura softback notebook, shelf-wear, very old. £3 Pictures of inside at request.

Rilakkuma plush keychain. 3rd Anniversary. Like new, only been hung on a shelf and not carried around. £3

All posters here are double sided as shown in the images. (Also, I do not know all the animes that some of these posters are based on, so if you know one that I haven't identified, please comment and let me know.
SPECIAL OFFER! ALL A4x2 POSTERS ARE NOW 1 for £2, 2 for £1.50, and 3 for £1! If you buy more than 3 posters, every poster is £1! (Not including thee A4x3 size posters or Laminated Posters which are £2)

The following posters are all A4x2 in size and are folded down the middle.

Poster 1: Gurren Lagann & unknown
Poster 2: Prism Ark & unknown

Poster 3: Unknown & Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Kai
Poster 4: Unknown

Poster 5:  Seto no Hanayome & Unknown!
Poster 6: Idol Master Xenoglossia & Clannad

Poster 7: Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan & Unknown
Poster 8: Unknown & Hayate no Gotoku!

Poster 9: Unknown & Idol Master Xenoglossia
Poster 10: Unknown & Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Kai

Poster 11: School Days, Side A = Kotonoha Katsura Side B = Sekai Saionji. Posters is A4x3 and is folded 2 times. £3

Poster 12: Zero no Tsukaima; Louise on both sides Poster is A4x4 and is folded 3 times £3

Poster 13
A:  B:
Side A - Ikkitousen: Great Guardians        Side B: Zero no Tsukaima

Poster 14
A:                                    B:
Side A: The Tower of Druaga: The Aegis of Uruk         Side B: Unknown

Poster 15
A:   B:
Side A: Unknown                                Side B: Crystal Blaze ( Glass Maiden)

Poster 16
A:                                        B:
Side A: Maho sensei Negima Shiroku Tsubasa Ala Alba   Side B: Allison to Lillia

Poster 17
A:   B:
Side A: Nogizaka haruka no himitsu    Side B: Pen-Musu

Poster 18
A: B:
Side A: Ikkitousen Great Guardians    Side B: Kure-nai

Poster 19
A: B:
Side A: Kamen no Maid Guy                 Side B: Kaito Tenshi (Twin Angel) < Be careful if you google this, there's an old, popular Hentai with the same name.

Poster 20
A:                                          B:
Side A: Maho Sensei Negima Shiroku Tsubasa Ala Alba   Side B: Koihime Muso

Poster 21
A:    B:
Side A: Da Capo II Second Season  Side B: Seki Rei

Poster 22
A: B:
Side A: Kanokon                               Side B: The Tower of Druaga: The Aegis of Uruk

Special Laminated A4 Poster (Seen here on the left)
A: B:
Side A:  Kanokon                               Side B: Zero no Tsukaima (Louise)

Poster 23
A:                   B:
Side A: Unknown(Nymph Fleet duelze?)     Side B: Macademi W.A. shoi

Poster 24
A:  B:
Side A: Mission-E                            Side B: Wagaya no Oinari Sama

Poster 25
A: B:
Side A: Koihume Muso                Side B: Maho Sensei Negima; Shiroku Tsubasa Ala Alba

Poster 26
A:                B:
Side A: Nogizaka haruka no himitsu   Side B: Seki Rei

Poster 27
A:             B:
Side A: Ikkitousen Great Guardians  Side B: Birdy the Mighty DECODE

Poster 28
A:  B:
Side A: ToHeart 2ad                    Side B: The Tower of Druaga: The Aegis of Uruk

Poster 29 (A4 x3)
A:  B:
Both sides: Zero no Tsukaima (Princess no Rondo?)


Comic lot; contains six comics, 4 'The Darkness' one Witchblade(Also featuring Tomb Raider and The Darkness) and Supergirl.
-The Darkness issues are: Collections Editions One, Two and Four. Regular issue 5
-The Witchblade comic is a compilation of Witchblade/Tomb Raider: Dark Crossings #1-2 and issues #14-16 of Witchblade. This comic is a first edition and was printed in 2002
-Supergirl comic is 'May 2003' Issue 80

All comics are in excellent condition and were in storage. I'm looking for £10 for the lot but will take offers


C.G. Volume 3. Japanese-text Doujin featuring art and stories of Ah! My Goddess, Cutie Honey, Darkstalkers, and Pokemon to name a few.
In ecellent condition, was only bought a weeks ago and I've already decided to part with it. Looking for £6 but taking offers Not available to minors/under 16's for legal reasons.


Realm of Light; A Juvenile Orion(Aquarian Age) Artbook

 Roughly 95 pages of full-colour art from/based on the Juvenile Orion/Aquarian Age series. Features a section of art from the artist of Juvenile Orion Gokurakuin Sakurako. This artbook is hardback and has barely been displayed or viewed, most are my artbooks are stored in a shelf underneath my bed and art laid flat.

I'm looking for £15, but will take offers.

That's all from me! If you have any questions then drop me a personal message here on LJ or e-mail me at

having said that I will be going away for a few days, so I cannt promise I will respond immediatly to any comments/e-mails, but when I return on Monday I will get back to anyone asap.

Ja ne
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