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Sailor Moon SALE ! funds for smacky cat...


Smacky cat has more Sailor Moon items for sale just in! Taking offers for Smacky...please view the below link for news on Smacky -he is currently taking 3 types of medication for his liver and thyroid, regular blood tests and checkups, his x-rays looked good, but he hates his new Milky Thistle medication -we have chicken and fish flavored and he throws up just having it near him. If anyone needs Milky Thistle for their cat *free* (about $40 for a month supply, for the liver) let me know cause we like to help other kitties in need too!!

Manga Stickers -sealed
Sm pen sealed in package
Korean Mini Notebook  - SM postcard - SM coaster
SM Fanclub clear bag travel set -brush-comb-soap + case-tissue box
Eternal SM seasoning packs -sealed

auction bids as posted to end in one week. ^_^ first time lj auction, bear with me...

Everything except the gashapon and plushie starts at $5 - i may not sell these unless they reach a higher amount. Thanks! ^_^

manga sticker sheet (1) sealed
Postcard - Korean Mini Notebook -Coaster
Sailor Moon pen -sealed $6 bid -jikuu_no_kagi

SM clear tote - brush, comb, travel soap, tissue box... 
$6 bid -jikuu_no_kagi

Seasoning package -sealed

  *Sailor Neptune gashapon -current offer $7
 *keychain gashapon-Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Venus $5 bid - tsukinohime3

 *Sailor Mars large high quality plushie
*Sailor Jupiter Sailor Moon R address book


non sailor moon items such a precure 5, cinnamoroll, sanrio, hello kitty, care bears, disney, pink panther,etc. can be found in my selling journal. ^_^

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