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Ok, I just have many miscellaneous and different things to sell. I finally have images of most of the merchandise, other than my usual manga/DVDs which can be found here: AssortedMINTS

I am selling a few clothes, wallets, DVDs, wallscrolls, CDs, and magazines. I DO NOT accept paypal and can only recieve payments by money order/concealed cash/trades. The only items I would like for trade would be any jrock merchandise..XD;

I am going on a trip (to Japan/Korea) around May 28th. So it is easier for US ONLY orders for right now. I DO have a few other international orders going about, but hopefully they will reach me before that date! (TT--TT) I check several times a day, so you will get fast reply hopefully. And fast transactions are great too! So I can ship out your things sooner. Or, if you are international, or just need more time. I can hold your items until I get back(about 2 weeks). I believe I will still have connection to the internet.

IF you can, please send your payments with the fastest type of mail you can. You can deduct that shipping cost from your total

Image hosted by

Tokyo Shirt $14
A very beautiful "Tokyo" shirt that is made by the same company as the jacket below. It is similarily styled as well. Size M
Image hosted by

Tokyo Jacket $17
The jacket is a size L. It fits very tightly. The jacket was made very awkwardly. The shoulders are too big, and too low. So if you spread your arms, you get that "webbing" look..XD; I tried to fix it by getting it professional alterated...but it did not help. But its a beautiful jacket, so I would still buy it again.
Image hosted by

Wallscrolls $8 each
I am not sure how to send them. Their are special tubes at UPS, but I haven't seen what they at teh Post office. But I can only send them by UPS for now. Be aware of high shipping! Once I get back, I will be able to use the cheaper service..XD They are all in excellent condition. The Angel Sanctuary one has only 1 hanging thing, but if you place it in the middle, it is fine. The Saiyuki wallscroll is horizontal, so it is bigger. I wonder if those tubes have taht size..
Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

NewType Magazines $5 each
Image hosted by
NewType 2003: Oct #10
NewType 2003: Dec #12
NewType 2004: Jan #1
NewType 2004: Feb #2
NewType 2004: Mar #3
NewType 2004: Apr #4
NewType 2004: May #5
NewType 2004: Jun #6
NewType 2004: Aug #8
*They are all in excellent condition, but do not include special posters or DVDs.

StrawBerry Wallet $10
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
This is my current wallet. It is very cute, with a denim material and other materials inside. Very cute. A I said, I AM using it currently, but if you want it, then just tell meh.

Elegant Bow Wallet $13
Image hosted by Image hosted by
This wallet was just too girly/elegant for me. So I never used it. It was pretty expensive, so I have to sell it..XD There are many pockets/cards inside and a place for maybe a checkbook.

Metallic Blue Wallet $15
Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by
This wallet is very big, and is double sided. You can fit A LOT in it, other than money too. For some reason, standard cards don't fit in some of the slots, but there are plenty of little pockets to accomodate. There are a few scuffs on the outside, due to the material. (shiny..)

Clamp Artbook $16
Image hosted by
This is official and in japanese. It cost me around $30. Full of beautiful full color images, and a sketches sections as well.

Art of Inuyasha $12
Image hosted by
The offical american Art of Inuyasha Artbook. There is a crease in the back cover. Includes a colored manga pages(?) and just artbookish things

Weiss Kreuz: Gaken MOOK Animedia Special $15
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
I loved this artbook. *hates to see it go* Has some very beautiful art and has those character sketch pages. Official and in japanese

Digi Charat Artbooks $20 each
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
These are both large and hardcover artbooks. They are bigger than the standard size and weigh 3 times as much. Beware of shipping! *hisss* They are full of just beautiful illustrations. CG, and black&white...and small comic strips.

Dong Bang Shin Ki: The 2nd Storybook. The way U are $20
Image hosted by Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
This is a huge photobook for the Korean pop band, Dong Bang Shin Ki. Tons of full color pages, and fanletters and just other things. Includes a CD and DVD. I have to sell it, since I despise Korean Pop(boyband pop). I would love them, if I loved boybands. XD;

SeoTaiji: Live Tour 2004 ZERO $20
Image hosted by Image hosted by
This flip-box thing comes with 2 CDs of the tour, a small photo pamplet. Although it is live, the quality is great. It is like many other LIVE cds. This is brand new. *misses it* Around 21 tracks all togethor

Gackt: The Sixth Day Singles Collection $15
This is a beautiful Gackt CD with a white box for the CD and other pamphlets with images and lyrics. 14 tracks. Only listened to twice.
Image hosted by

Gackt: MOON $15
12 tracks. This is also beautifully packaged. The pages have all Gackt images and is very hard sturdy...cardboard pages? Only listened to once.
Image hosted by Image hosted by

Fin.K.L Album $10
I couldn't find the album name. It is pretty old though. It is more Korean pop(WHY!!!) and includes all 8 photos that come with the CD. Around 15 tracks.
Image hosted by

Se7en: 2nd Album "Must Listen" $13
Se7en is another korean artist. His songs are more..ballad and hip hop. I loved the first track..XD; This is also been only listened to twice.
Image hosted by

Anime Soundtracks/CDs $7 each
Image hosted by
Weiss Kreuz: TV animation soundtrack (as in the background song)
Chobits: Original Soundtrack (a few songs..and more background song)
Fushigi Yuugi: TV animation soundtrack. (more background songs..and a few songs*
Weiss Kreuz: Gluhen Dramatic Soundtracks (not sure..never listened to it)

Weiss Kreuz Original TV Series $15
Imported and full japanese. Contains all original episodes. japanese/english
Image hosted by

Weiss Kreuz Gluhen $15
This is also imported. It contains the full series of the Gluhen. japanese/english
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Fushigi Yuugi Full Series $13 each
Box set 1 and 2. Suzaku and Seiryuu. They both contain the full series. I have the OAVs somewhere..but I have to find them later..XD; japanese/english/chinese(?) Also. These are imports.

Image hosted by Image hosted by

These are the only things I have with images. The rest(all mangas) are at AssortedMINTS

NOTICE AGAIN! I need your money order/concealed cash somewhere before May 28th (not sure the real date) so I can ship it out after I get it. I also have finals this week, so i will be pressed a bit. hehee..XD;

The only types of trades I would be interested in would be official j-rock albums/singles. I like a variety of bands, so you can just ask meh. (or merchandise) I am also willing to bargain and change my prices. I would like to get rid of this very quickly! USA orders are easiest right now.

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