Lola (36_moons) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Give me a Home!

Must go, Must all go...

A few guidelines though -

x. I accept Paypal (preferred), checks and cash AT YOUR OWN RISK
x. I don't do holds. I find people flake out. Though on occasion, I will make exceptions
x. I'm in the US but I will ship internationally but please be aware it will cost more.
x. I don't do trades, I have enough things at the moment
x. Negotiate with me if you feel the price is unreasonable
x. Everything is in good condition unless otherwise stated
x. I have good feedback here at garagesalejapan and on eBay.
x. Please comment here or send an LJ message if you have any questions. Thank you!


The World Exists for Me 1 + 2
5$ for one or 10$ for both plus shipping

Paradise Kiss 2-5
5$ for each or 20$ for all 4 plus shipping
*NOTE - Para Kiss 1 has been sold!

Vampire Princess Miyu 2 + 3
Very old and rare Vampire Princess Miyu graphic novels.
8$ for one or 16$ for both plus shipping

Bleach 1-5, 11,13
Stray Bleach volumes left over.
5$ for one or 35$ for all of them plus shipping

It's a yaoi manga collection type of magazine. Different mangas from different authors. All Japanese text
6$ plus shipping

Wish 1-4 First pressing editions with the colored artwork fold out in the beginning of each volume.
5$ for one, 20$ for all 4 plus shipping

DearS 1 + 2
5$ for one, 10$ for both plus shipping

Gravitation 1-4
5$ for one, 20$ for all four plus shipping

Demon Diary 1 + 2
5$ for one, 10$ for both plus shipping

12 Days
5$ plus shipping


Medium sized Takeo poster from ex- Pierrot. Comes laminated and in a plastic covering that is removable
7$ plus shipping

(Sorry for the blurry picture I couldn't get the picture no matter how many times I took it over)
Kiyoharu's solo CD Poetry It's mint condition, in fact, I don't even think I listened to it but it was unwrapped and looked at then placed on a shelf. The CD itself slides out from the sleeve and everything is in mint condition.
10$ plus shipping

Thanks for looking!
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