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[Sale] Doujinshi & Tenimyu and Related Merchandise

Selling several tenimyu & tenimyu actor related items, http://chirusea-3.livejournal.com/122557
Too much stuff that I never look at anymore...all needs to go
*CDs (Kimeru, Tenimyu, Burimyu)
*DVDs (Kimeru, Pot:LA)
*Magazines (Cool up)
*Pamphlets(Burimyu, Tenimyu, AirGear, Rock'nJam, etc)
*Photobooks (Yanagi, Endo)
*Photosets (Tenimyu, Burimyu, Kimeru)

Also, selling several doujinshi from various fandoms, http://chirusea-3.livejournal.com/122960.html.
Everything needs to go so haggling is more than welcome~

*Bleach (mainly Gin/Hitsuguya)
*One Piece (Zoro/Sanji)
*Prince of Tennis (GoldenPair, TezFuji, FujiKiku)
*Tenimyu (Endo/Yanagi)
*Death Note (Light/L
*Harry Potter (James/Snape)
*Gundam Seed (Athrun/Kira)
*Yami No Matsuei (Watari/Tatsumi)

Take a look on either page for details. Image heavy posts~
Thanks for looking~
Xposted to a few places.
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