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Most definitely a long shot...

Does anyone out there have Humming Bird merchandise? Namely, CDs? To be more specific, the former J-rock band with Fukuyama Yoshiki.

Actually, I'm only looking for their very first album, the self-titled "Humming Bird". Their albums are impossible to find and the only reason I managed to get my hands on copies of the rest of their CDs are through Yahoo!Japan auctions. Ridiculously expensive after paying the fees for the shopping service and shipping (one of the CDs cost me $90+ DDD:), but definitely worth it for a fan as the CDs looked brand new. Unfortunately, the one album I'm looking for is going for an insane 11,000+ yen ($110+). There were a few previously that went for around $30 but I missed out on them (stupid time zones...).

While I'm on the topic of Fukuyama Yoshiki though... I'm up for looking at any merchandise of his too. :) I have all of his solo albums, so I don't need those (though I might be up for his singles if they're not too pricey). His concert DVDs are things I really want as well as posters.

All I'm really hoping for are reasonable prices. XD

I'm in Canada and can pay by Paypal (direct or CC).
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