Bonnie Garcia (asocialdevice) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Bonnie Garcia

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I need to make 50 bucks real quick so~

I've got a dvd player, it's been hacked and so it now plays all region discs, which is great for anyone whom imports their dvd's (or wants to)! It's like new, I've only used it twice, it comes with everything! This is a great deal for anyone who's been searching for a way to watch their region 2 discs without having to shell out over 100 dollars or deal resetting thier comps player until it's stuck.

I take paypal, money orders and... cash, though I'd perfer not to deal in cash.


I havent got any pictures but it's a cyber home 300 (CH-300), small and compact, PAL and NTSC supported and includes all wires & remote control!

I'm not sure what the shipping costs for this will be, but come monday I will!
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