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Hi ^^

I'm new to the community, i'm sorry that i have only a few pictures at the moment, but my camera broke >< Everything is mint unless otherwise stated, i always look after my stuff, so you can be sure it has been well taken care of ^^ UK buyers: i accept both cheques, money orders and paypal. Overseas: Paypal only. If you are interested, please leave a comment and i will get back to you with shipping info, etc ^^

I have on sale:

Malice Mizer - Mervielles album £12 mint

Psycho le cemu 'Frontiers' box set with daishi figure £22

Japanese official DDR mat in box, used once with japanese ddr game no2 £50 or closest offer :)

I just realised just HOW close Germany is and i haven't got enough money for food, etc whilst im there >< So if you see anything you like, feel free to comment or email me at: ransgal[at]

+ I can accept cheques or postal orders from people in the UK, but for international buyers, paypal only please ^^

+Shipping shouldn't be too high for any of these items except for the DDR mat. If you're interested, i'll find how much shipping is, and if you request a pic i will send one within 24 hours - i haven't got my camera on me at the moment ><

Here goes ^-^

PC Two disc Morrowind The Elder Scrolls iii Excellent condition, has been played, and has slight scratches to discs, but the game works perfectly and is very enjoyable ^^ £2.50

PC The Sims + The Sims Living it up Great game, good condition, addictive! £3.50

Dreamcast Phantasy Star Online PAL Excellent condition, played only once. £2.50

Dreamcast PenPen game PAL Fun ^^ Damage to front of case, but the disc is pristine and only has been played once £1.50

Dreamcast Dead or Alive 2 PAL Great game! Two slight marks on disc, but the game plays perfectly [they all have been checked thoroughly] £2.50

Gisho 'Love Song' CD single Had this a few years, and the cardboard slipcase is slightly worn at the corners, but case, disc and booklet are in excellent shape ^^ £3.50

Psycho le Cemu 'Frontiers' Special first edition album with model Lovely album and lovely presentation. As new. CD has been played a total of 3 times, no scratches and figure was removed only once to take photo. Figure is Daishi. £25

Gackt Moon album In special case, mint with plastic strip and cd is presented at the back of a thick card mini photobook ^^ £12

Penicillin Limited first edition 'Fly' Single A4 Number 48218 of 50000. Damage to 2 corners, but still a great collectors piece and at a great price ^^ £5

Glay BEAT OUT tour DVD ALL REGION!! Viewed twice, excellent dvd, quality and content! £8

Weiss Kreuz SoundtrackPicked this up at japan-expo in paris, great cd!£5

Tokyo Babylon animation DVD ALL REGION!!Parts one and two of the great clamp manga in animated form!£10

YAOI Gay Graphic Novel Kyoudai GenteiA yaoi manga by Kisaragi Hirotaka. After 8 years of separation, Ichiro's two beautiful elder brothers come back to their late father's house, and their life go through intense emotional turmoil.£7

PAL Dreamcast Dead or Alive 2 game

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Phantasy Star Online PAL Dreamcast game

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Tokyopop Threads of Time Volume 1 manga

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A4 sized NEW Hero Manga

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Thankies ^-^
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