Cai (keicai_ayan) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Yaoi Doujinshi

•Payment• I take Paypal (both CC and non), checks, MOs, and concealed cash. I prefer Paypal, but any of these methods is fine.

•Shipping• Shipping will be $2 per doujinshi within the US, and $3 outside the US. Please add $1 per extra doujinshi. All doujinshi will be sent via first-class, in a manila envelope with a cardboard backing to prevent damage.

•Feedback• I have extensive feedback under animefreak187 on eBay, and I've sold several high-priced items on If you need more references, please contact me.

Title: Mimimono
Series: Original (???)
Pairing: xxx (unsure of names)
Circle/Artist: Dr. Ten/xxx/xxx
Pages: 35
Rating: NC17 - graphic sex, shota
Price: $10

Title: Megane Shuuchuu Chiryoushitsu
Series: Original
Pairing: xxx
Circle/Arist: Tsumugi Kyuuta(Kenzaki Mikuri)/Studio Dimple
Pages: 44
Rating: NC17 - graphic sex, straight sex, shota, SM
Price: $10

Title: Howl's Aeging Castle
Series: Howl's Moving Castle
Pairing: Cab(the prince)/Howl, Calsifer/Howl, Malcle(Marco)/Howl
Circle/Arist: Atene/Platinum, Kick Matsushita/Devil Children, Kumi Yokota/Delic
Pages: 14
Rating: NC17 - graphic sex (with Marco), shota, blob-fire-sex (yea, Calcifer the fire blob)
Price: $15

Title: Kumagoro Megamix
Series: Gravitation
Pairing: Yuki/Shuichi
Circle/Arist: Maki Murakami/Crocodile Ave.
Pages: 22
Rating: NC17 - graphic sex (if you've never seen a megamix, it's really graphic)
Price: $40 (which is sadly still less than I paid)

Title: xxx
Series: Tales of Destiny
Pairing: ???/Stan (I don't know the characters)
Circle/Artist: Maki Murakami
Pages: 20
Rating: NC17 - graphic sex
Price: $10

Title: Gravitation Remix 7
Series: Gravitation
Pairing: Hiroshi/K, Hiroshi/Yuuzi (his brother)
Circle/Arist: Maki Murakami
Pages: 34
Rating: NC17 - graphic sex
Price: $12

And lastly a Dr. Ten manga volume. ^^'; I don't know much about Dr. Ten or their series, so my information base is limited. Asking $10.

Thanks for looking!
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