onesonicbite (onesonicbite) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Cell Phone Strap

Hi everyone! I recently broke my gloomy bear cellphone strap and my phone feels naked with out a strap. Since there are alot of people here selling stuff, I figured I would ask if anybody has any straps they would like to sell? I am mainly looking for anything Japanese related, mainly visual kei or jpop related items. Please POST pictures as well. I will admit I am a little picky, but please post anything you've got. I am basically looking to spend $8 at the most with shipping. BUT if it is really cool or rare, I MIGHT raise the price. Thanks!

P.S. If anybody has any charms or figurines too that would be cool to post. Example: those frontier lego's of Psycho le Cemu. Something I could then make a strap with.
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