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01 September 2008 @ 12:14 pm
Need these gone!! Make offers~ I trade too~  
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete Complete minus pendant. $51 shipped or trade, price not IS negotiable.

Vagrant Story Game disc only, no bonus disc. $16 shipped or trade

Final Fantasy VI Advanced Complete. Trade or MAKE AN OFFER

Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings Never played, just turned on once then straight back to the case. $51 $41 or MAKE AN OFFER or trade

Monster Rancher Complete. MAKE AN OFFER or trade

Magical Starsign Sealed. MAKE AN OFFER or trade

Valkyrie Profile Lenneth TRADE ONLY

PSP Phat Console Will only trade this for rare RPGs, namely Saturn ones.

Manuals: Kingdom Hearts, Threads of Fate left Will trade 1 for geniune Pokemon Blue manual, sell 1 for $10 shipped.

Terranigma PAL Version $71 $65 shipped, french text, complete. No guide or container will be included. I can trade this one as well.

Anything not mentioned above has been sold or I decided not to sell, so don't offer on those.

PICS HERE: http://pics.livejournal.com/shindow_kitsu/gallery/00001xh8

Feedback: 100% Positive on Ebay, GameTZ, and Livejournal, combined its over 150 feedbacks

Payment or Trades: I can take Paypal or Money Order OR Trade! I am looking for a lot of books and RPGs right now, see here: http://gametz.com/user/Angel_ShindoW.html

Anime / J-Pop: I will also trade for Anime Related stuff (this includes DVDs, plushes, bags, doujinshi, anything) as well as Ayumi Hamasaki goods which only include Ayupan, Ayumi CDs, and Ayumi posters.