ohnolic (ohnolic) wrote in garagesalejapan,

*SELLING* Step and GO Cu[9]bic Box *LIMITED EDITION*

<- my copy, unopen
<- took this pic from yahoo action

qty: 1 each
price: $80 each

♥ CD, 2 tracks [ 1. Step and Go 2. COOL AND SOUL FOR DOME'07 (Tentative title) ]
♥ "Step and Go" Schedule Note, for use from Apr 08 - Mar 09
♥ Eco Pencil
♥ Cubic Box, which can be used for storing CD (It's pink, with white borders, with A.R.A.S.H.I on each side. Alphabets are in white too.)

fix price shipping NOT included
- accept paypal (additional 5% paypal charges) / cash (buyers risk)
- ship international ^^ (from singapore)
- meetup station: bugis / chinatown / outram / harbourfront  / hougang / buangkok / kovan / sengkeng

feel free email me at ohnolic@hotmail.com ^^

click here for more
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