Lesley (evilcatsterer) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Looking for cheap dolls for customization purposes!

I'm looking for any anime dolls with long hair (down to their waist at least), doll size preferably larger than 6", though I may still take 6" depending on what else is offered. I want to use them for customizing, so missing clothes/accessories is acceptable. Just so long as their hair isn't cut and their body is in good condition (no missing limbs please!) then I'm interested. Loose dolls only please! I don't want anything to be shipped in a box (bubble packaging is perfectly fine).
If anyone has anything they'd be willing to sell me for fairly cheap (preferably $10 shipped at most, but depending on how the doll looks, I may be willing to go a little more), please let me know ^^

(X-posted everywhere, sorry if you see this more than once ^^*)
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