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selling stuff. Shocking, right?

Shipping is all for within the U.S. I'm willing to talk for international, but the shipping will be more. I'm willing to negotiate prices if it looks like something won't sell. I prefer paypal payments, but I'm willing to take check or money order for U.S. purchases (keep in mind, nothing will be shipped until I receive payment and it's cleared.)

Wall Scrolls are $8 + $5 s&h
Cowboy Bebop

DragonBall Z

Posters are:
$5 for 30x40, laminated 14x20
$1 for 11x17
$3 for 12x25, 18x24
All posters have some wear, but I'll knock off 25% for posters with hard creases or dog ears(hard creases are creases that break the paper grain and/or ink image)
Shipping for posters depends on how you want it sent. If you want it sent in a tube, it's $5 shipping (Same price for up to 5 add 25¢ for every additional poster), if you want it folded and sent in a normal 9x12 envelope it's $1, padded envelopes $2
Voices of a Different Star 18x24

Funimation Promo Posters: 11x17
Tenchi GXP
Kiddy Grade

Fruits Basket hold

ADV Promo Posters 12x25

Super Milk ChanHold
Grrl Power
(note: I have two of each of these, one in very good condition, and one with hard creases, so if you want them, you need to specify which condition)

Kaleido Star
Peacemaker HOLD

30x40 Posters
Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack
(Again, I have two, one is in better condition than the other but neither have hard creases)

Laminated Posters 14x20
Sailor Moon Manga Sold


Manga is $5 a book. If there's a set from a series, I've listed a lower price for buying the set)
Shipping is $3 for up to 3 books media mail (sent in a padded envelope) except for the Ranma set, because those are bigger books. Shipping for Ranma is $2 each or $5 for all three. Anything higher will be sent parcel post $5+$1 for every book over 4
All books range in condition from good to almost new. No water damage, missing pages or writing or spills of any kind. Some show some wear on the spine, but the binding is still tight. a very few have a bent cover, usually the back one.
Magic Knight Rayearth vol. 1-5 (All 5 for $20)

Ranma 1/2 vol. 1-3 (All three for $12)

Peach Girl vol. 1-6 SOLD
Kare Kano vol. 1-7, 9 (all 8 for $35. Please note that I have no Vol. 8, so I'm also offering 1-7 for $30)

Forbidden Dance vol. 1-4 (This is a complete Series in excellent condition, all four for $17)

DragonBall vol. 1 & 2
Revolutionary Girl Utena 1 & 2
No Need for Tenchi 1 & 4

X-Day vol. 1-2 (complete series $8 for both) Traded
Fruits Basket 1
Sushi Girl (This is a very tiny book from a series that was never completed. Full Color. I will throw this in for free to whoever wants it that orders more than 2 books)

Vampire Game 1-5 ($20 for all 5) Hold

Flame of Recca 1&2
Cowboy Bebop 1&2
Boys over Flowers (Hana Yori Dango) 1 & 2

I also have the english Translation of the Battle Royale book (NOT the manga) The book is more than 600 pages long and is in good condition. I'm asking $10 for the book (shipping is included in that price) Hold

Finally, I have a sheet of Azumanga Daioh Stickers that I'm asking $1 for. If you order something else, I'll drop it to 50¢. HOLD

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