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Some new Gackt things for sale~

Hey ^_^
I'm back with some new goodies for you, please have a look!~

I still have the Sixth & Seventh Night Tour Posters which are really rare, so please make me a reasonable offer.
Shipping would be 3,90€ within Germany, 8,60€ internationally (sorry, I can't change it >_<;)

All of those are used very carefully and only a little, they are in very good condition.

No ni Saku Hana no You ni (with DVD):
8€, shipping within Germany 1,45€; 4,50€ within Europe; 8€ internationally
Returner (with DVD): 8€, shipping within Germany 1,45€; 4,50€ within Europe; 8€ internationally
Returner (without DVD): 6€, shipping within Germany 1,45€; 2€ within Europe; 4€ internationally

Cellphone Strap

Used, but in good condition. 9€, shipping within Germany 1€; to other countries 2€.

I also wonder if anyone is interested in the calendar sheets of 2007 & 2008 (for 2008 up till now, sorry bad quality >_<;). I would only sell them as yearly sets, if you're interested, make me an offer ( I guess I would be happy to get rid of these).

And is anyone interested in Platinum Box VII? Or in the Dears Version of the Drug Party DVD?
If yes, make reasonable offers~

All prices are negotiable ^^
I accept PayPal and for Germany bank transfer as well.
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