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Hi there! I've added a bunch of new stuff to my sales. Mostly CLAMP related items because I am a fickle person. Heh. I'm still in love with xxxHOLiC and reading TRC, but yeah. XD Anyway, JE items are coming up next. The pictures in the post are what I'm going to be selling. If your looking for something specific, feel free to ask and I might just have it in that pile of stuff.

No prices have been set for the new items, so please make reasonable offers. :) I can always give you an idea of what I'm looking for. Just ask. Also, I love doing trades so be sure to look at my wishlist! :D Here's the list of CLAMP items for sale:

Clamp no Kiseki Books 3,10
Clamp no Kiseki Figures: White Mokona, Black Mokona, Subaru, Seishiro
Clamp in 3D Land Figure: Fai/Fye
Clamp in 3D Land Figures: Ashura, Yasha
RG Veda DVD: Movie
Clamp in 3D Land Figures: Doumeki, Watanuki - Not sure if I really want to sell these...
Clamp in 3D Land Boxes
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Figures: Sakura, Mokona Capsule
Tokyo Babylon DVD: Movie
Tokyo Babylon 1-4,7
Legal Drug 1-2
Clamp School Detectives 1-3 (Limited editions with posters)
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 1-16
X/1999 DVD: Volume 1
X/1999 DVD: Movie
X Illustrated Collection 2: X Infinity
X/1999 1-10,12-15,18 (Smaller version)
X/1999 8 (Larger version)

Manga, games, anime, misc. are for sale as well!
Take a look? >> kanashimiblu3
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