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DS: Lots of items! Clothing & Accessories


I'm selling the following, brand new items!
I'm shipping from Greece with Registered Airmail and have 100% positive feedback as a seller on ebay [*yukinokoi*].
Delivery time: 1-2 weeks, depending on your location.
I can provide more or larger pics if requested :)

1) Phaze rose capelet
I bought this from Phaze recently ,but it ended up being the wrong shade, so I can't really match it with anything , although it's a very beautiful item. Made from Polyester with PVC detail at the front.

Price: 27$
Shipping: 13$ (international flat shipping rate)

2) Black Curly Lolita Wig
I bought this from ebay. The wig is synthetic hair but very good quality. Sadly enough, it doesn't look good on me , so i'm selling it. (headpiece not included)

Price: 38$
Shipping: 14$

3) Burgundy Chinese Dress
As much as I adore this dress, it's too small for me, although the asian size said "XL", it's rather a european M.

Waist: 30-32''
Bust: 34''
Hips: 38''
Length: 37,5''

Price: 25$
Shipping: 12$

4) Tokyo Fashion Co. gray top
Made from cotton/synthetic fabric, it's elastic yet thick enough to not look cheap.

Bust : up to 38''
Waist: up to 33''

Price: 15$
Shipping: 11$

5)Bodyline white shirt

Bust: 31''
Waist: 32''
Arm circumference : 10''

Price: 13$
Shipping: 11$

6) Handmade headband (from Etsy) ~ plushie not included XD

Price: 15$
Shipping: 8$

7) Cosplay bunny ears . Velveteen on the outside and satin on the inside. Attached on velveteen hair clips.

Length: 3,5''

Price: 11$
Shipping: 6$

8) Zenki unofficial T-shirt.

Size: XL
Bust :44''
Waist: 44
Length: 29''

Price: 18$
Shipping: 12$

9) Handmade Lolita Dress
Bought from ebay,but ended up being the wrong colour , so I'm selling it ^^

Colour: Burgundy with red lace
Bust: 36''
Waist: 32''
Hips: 41''

Price: 51$
Shipping: 17$

10) Purple Glitter Headband

Price: 11$
Shipping : 6$

11) Tripp Lolita shirt+corselet

Size: XL
Bust: up to 40''
Waist: up to 34''

Price: 38$
Shipping: 13$

12) GLP Gothic Lolita mini top hat
I ordered this  from ebay, but sadly enought it doesnt look good on me, so i'm selling it. It's a black, GLP mini top hat, with black lace , a bow and a rose ^^ Comes with two metallic hair-clips, which go through the two small headbands of the hat, so it can stay put on your hair.

Price: 24$
Shipping: 11$

Payment info:

- I ship Internationally
- I accept only PAYPAL ^^ <3
- Item goes to the person who can pay sooner. I hope this is ok :)
- I do combine shipping for multiple items

Thank you!!!

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