MB (motokonokoi) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Luna Sea - God Bless You ~One Night Dejavu~

Hi hi! I am selling my FIRST PRESS edition of Luna Sea - God Bless You ~One Night Dejavu~ DVD set! This is the official Japanese region 2 DVDs!! The concert includes 2 DVDs, and since it's First Press, it includes deluxe sleeve case, digipack, multiangle of "Wish" on disc 2 (featuring each member), and a special sticker! I only watched the DVDs once, so they're in excellent condition! The First Press has long been out of print!

I am asking $80+S&H for it. The regular version is priced at $70 on CD Japan. I've seen the First Press selling for over $100 on Yahoo Japan Auctions, so I don't think my price is too steep. Sorry, I do not have a picture at this time, but if you're really interested and want a picture, let me know. ^^

I will accept PayPal ONLY for this. I will ship worldwide! You can view my eBay feedback here!

Thanks! ^o^
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