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I am still selling some of my items and added new. Selling Manga in English, Inuyasha items, Death Note Necklace, Book on Japan, Japanese hiragana, katakana guide, Harry Potter Doujinshi, Doremi plush, One Piece Keychain, sweet lolita headbands, sweet lolita jewelry, and Final Fantasy video game.


Hana-Kimi vol.3 $2
Battle Royale vol.1 $2
Fushigi Yuugi vol.1 $2
Faeries Landing vol1 $2

Harry Potter Doujinshi Brothel Creepers $8
Circle:Mirage House 1992
Soft Yaoi (mostly kissing)
Pairing: James/ Sirius

Anime Goods:

Inuyasha items:
2007 Calander $2
Sesshomaru bookmark $0.25 or free with puchase just ask
Death Note Necklace $5
as much as I love Death Note this necklace is not my style
Ojamajo Doremi Onpu Plushie $3
Key chain from One Piece $1 or free with purchase just ask.

Random Japanese items:


Introducing Tokyo By: Donald Richie $5 (Does give a lot of good info for anyone going to visit Tokyo
Japanese Grammar Guide (Helps with learning hiragana, katakana, and some nouns, verbs, and I think sentnces) $4

Video Game:

Final Fantasy X $5

Handmade Lolita accessories:

The colors there are and up close pictures are:
Pink(with pink roses)
pic 1/ pic 2
Pink (Double bow)
pic 1/ pic2
pic 1/ pic 2/ pic 3 (Sold, will commission upon request though)
pic 1/ pic 2(Sold, will commission upon request though)
pic 1/ pic 2
Mint Green/ Turquoise
pic 1/ pic 2

Please click the links to see bigger pics. Also colors do not appear exact the 2 pinks look peach, but they are very pink, and the mint green appears baby blue but it really is mint green in person. I apologize about that but I use a camera phone so it's hard to get it exact ^^;;
Headbands are $5 each

Peach Cake slice Hair clips $3
Chocolate/Vanilla cake slice Earrings $3


Pink Pearl and lace mini crown (I had made this for some one but they never paid for it) $10+shipping
(I will take more pics upon request
, and will add extra decoration for free upon request)

I do accept trades currently looking for hot yaoi manga but will look at offers so don't be afraid to make them ^_^

Thank you!!!!

Tags: anime, dolls: general, doujinshi, fashion: egl, manga: english
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