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Jrock Buttons, Jpop jewelry, Manga, Kpop Posters, anime posters, etc


Added some stuff, relisting some stuff. Really need money. ^^; Please offer prices and shipping is determined by where you live and questions or offers can be left in comments to this entry or the one linked. Or you can email me at bouncyizam@hotmail.com.

I can not hold items for more than 2 weeks unless I know you've sent the money or it's on it's way. I've had too many problems with this.

Also I asked a member here to hold a vidoll poster and a magazine for me (I can not for the life of me remember the user name nor can I find it x.x). I'm really really sorry but the money I was waiting on fell through and I can't afford to get them. I'm really really sorry. I wish I could. I have to pay for school stuff this week so it's poster or school XD As much as I would LOVE to choose Vidoll poster of school <3 thank you for understanding.
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