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HUGE SALE. More items and CHEAP PRICES!!! =^_^=

Sales Break Down (shipping not included in price):
$5.00 for a single
$4.00 each if only two are bought (Thats still 2 manga under the retail pricing of one)
BEST deal...
$3.00 each if more than two are bought (thats 3 just under the retail price of one)

Chobits volume 1&2 (volume 1 comes with a collectible card as seen above:
Crossroad volumes 5 , & 7
Devil Does Exist volume 4
Fall In Love Like a Comice Vol 1
Hot Gimmick volume 10 Sold
Kiss me Kill me volume 2
kitchen Princes volumes 2
Platinum Garden volume 2
Tensshi Ja Nai!!! -I'm No Angel volumes 1 & 2

$5 each unless otherwise noted:
each additional dvd 2.00each
Buy any two dvds for 7.00. or buy three for 9.00 (so long as they are not noted higher than 5.00 as an individual)

Argentosoma Vol 1
Eva Volumes 4 & 7
Generator Gawl Vol 1
Hunt for the Sword Samurai movie
Sentimental Journey movie-2 discs..12 eps $12.00
Soul Hunter Volumes 1 & 3
Spring & Chaos Movie-10.00
Sugar Vol 1 with matching front cover post card


Mint condition
Comes with cd sticker as seen
Sort of punky and techno like

Space channel 5 video Game Sound Track
All Japanese lyrics or lyricless
Mint Condition

Princes Miyu Japanese drama cd
Mint Condition and only listened once...did not know it was a drama cd when purchases
$8.00 or best offer

Toonami various anime series songs/playlist
Mint Condition

best of Anime cd
Various anime songs-classics
Mint Condition

Buy 1 cd at listed price and each additional at 2.50

Cutey Honey
all four tapes vol 1-4

Slayers 1st season
Vol 1-7
whole set for $3.00

Magic Knight ray Earth
Vol 1-3 OAV

All 3 anime series for a total of $5.00

$1.00 each

-Love and Chaos collection issues 1-5
(done by Kia Asamiya)
$5.00 total
-Into the labyrinth issue 3 free with
Love and Chaos collection
Mobius Klein Sold

Nadesico (also done by Kia Asamiya)

-Vampire Dahlia: Issue #1 Ironcat studio

Slayers Super-Explosive Demon Story: Issue #4

50cents each if more than 2 are bought



The book has only been opened a few times and spine is in mint condition. The book itself starts off as an art book and then has a story inside as seen in the images above. The story is in Japanese and not ENGLISH. There are also actual tarot cards of each Tarot World character in the back of the book. Art work by TOHKO MIYAGI

This is a single mini pencil board:
Images are that of the front and back
...about the size of a dvd case

Alice 19th pencil board in mint condition and is also sitting in a protective sleeve since bought. Just another one of the many items i bought and never used. 

Will sell both for $10.00

Di Gi Charat & Gema vol 2.
Sold as is. Will not separate cards from Set


DiGi ceramic plate with matching spoon (set)
Mint Condition and comes in it's origional packaging as seen above.

Never been used and collecting dust in my closet @_@
Measurements: 5 1/2 x 4 x 2 1/2 in

Whats a mirror card? Its a card with a series image on the front and a reflective like coating ont he back that acts liek a mirror. Card has nerve been used and comes in its origional packaging sleeve

measurements are listed on the image tag. Wall scroll has never been hung up. yes rolled out multiple times when I thought I was going to get around to placing it up. Never have. It just really needs to go to a home where it can finally hang up.

All posters $1.00each
Size: 22 x 10 1/2 in

Awesome prices....willing to HAGGLE......CHEAP PRICES

All items come from and have resided in a smoke free home. If interested in feed back before making a purchase, just  make request to see it. I sell within the USA as well as to other countries. I highly prefer paypal, but will accept money orders so long as they are USPS money orders. All purchases under $5.00 and if wanting to pay with paypal, will have to cover paypal fees as its not worth it to me to sell otherwise. I will accept well concealed cash in some circumstances.

Click here-Feed back page

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