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05 September 2008 @ 11:36 pm
Ebay: Jrock goodies ^_^ (m10m, Kozi, Gackt, Klaha etc  
Lot's of stuff here!

Basically just clearing out most of my books and smaller items.


Two pages of items! Check the next page for more.

Of interest: Moi dix Mois Pageant and Shadows Temple posters, Kozi Memento poster, Tons of Gackt photobooks, Gackt Platinum Box 5, Gackt Rebirth Limited Edition, magazines (shoxx, Fool's Mate, Orkus, Newgrave, UV feat: Kozi, Klaha, Moi dix Mois etc), Kozi Sticker set, Scwarz Stein Last Hallucination tour book, and tons of flyers and such (I dunno why people hate flyer auctions. I find them VERY collectible, so deal with it).

And that's about it~!