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Artbooks. Manga, and Yaoi

Selling my entire manga and artbooks collection. Prices and pictures are listed in my post. Click the link below if you are interested!

Manga includes...
Strawberry Marshmallow 1-4
D.N.Angel 1-11
Chobits 1-8
Legal Drug 1-3
Clamp School Detectives 1-3
Legend of Chun Hyang
RG Veda 1-10
Suki 1-3
Tokyo Babylon 1-7
Tsubasa Chronicles 1-17
Tsubasa Chronicles Character Guide
Wish 1-4
X/1999 1-18
Cantarella 1, 3-10
Gorgeous Carat 1-4
Pretty Face 1-6
Loveless 1-7
Earthian 1-4
Death Note 1-12
Death Note: How to read
Death Note Novel
Hikaru no Go 1-12
Love Mode 1-8
Alichino 1-3
Princess Princess 1-5
plus...A LOT MORE but I'm too lazy to list (mostly yaoi!)

Artbooks include...
Card Captor Sakura 1-3
RG Veda -hitenmuma-
RG Veda -tenmagouka-
Tokyo Babylon -photographs-
X -zero- (hard cover)
X -zero- (new version)
Magic Knight Rayearth 1-2
Ugetsu Hakua - flamboyant
...and more!

I'm also selling some shitajikis. And all orders of yaoi manga $50 and over get a free yaoi postcard! ^_^

Click Here to see what I have! )

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