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Lots of anime stuff on eBay

Hello! I'm selling a lot of stuff on eBay.

- Vampire Knight: official bracelet replica, bromide cards, clearfile
- Code Geass: Rebellion Book R2 promo booklet, Chara Fortune storyspecial sets (hard to get!)
- Gurren Lagann: promo posters, stick posters, facial oil wipes, Boota's tail (chocolate sponge cake)
- Gundam 00: bromide cards, cellphone cleaner sets, metal poster
- Lucky Star: Konata's Choco Corno cookies, strawberry cake, Lucky Senbei, stick posters
- Kodomo no Jikan: stick posters
- Magazines: Animedia 2008/09 (Gundam 00 cover)
- Misc: Fullmetal Alchemist/Macross Frontier doublesided poster

Everything's official, no bootlegs. Please check out my auctions!
eBay ID: crosswithyou

I'm also taking orders for lots of Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Prince of Tennis, and BLEACH merchandise at my journal here!
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