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Manga galore + some other animeriffic things

**PLEASE READ**The Way This Works **PLEASE READ**
This is an auction. Think of it as eBay, only in a shorter amount of time and without any bid confidentiality. You, as the bidders, have until 6:00PM Pacific Standard Time on Friday, May 20th, 2005, to place your bids on the items below. The person with the highest bid by then will receive the item. Why am I doing it this way? Well, cause I don't want to pay eBay anything, of course. ;3

Bidding ends each day at 6:00PM Pacific Standard Time. I will then go through and update this post with the amount of the current highest bid and the name of the bidder. This does not mean you have to stop bidding, it merely means I won't update the post until the following day at 6:00PM PST. Please, please, PLEASE specify the amount you are willing to bid on an item. Just saying "I want [item name]" will not cut it, I need a specific dollar amount. Also, please keep your bids to LJ-comments ONLY. E-mail is there for questions only, which you can get answered from the LJ-comments anyway...

Makes sense right? Okay, onto the minor details!

I ship all items within the U.S. through USPS Priority Mail. It is $3.85 for the first pound, and goes up from there based on weight and zone. Please refer to this chart to see how it works. I will gladly combine shipping if you buy multiple items. :)

I will ship internationally, but you'll have to ask for an estimate.

Payment Options
Paypal, Postal Money Orders, and concealed cash (at your own risk!!)

I PREFER money orders over everything else, but if you can only pay with the other two, so be it. When things are finalized, I'll let you know my personal and PP address. :)

I am NOT accepting trades for anything, so don't ask. I don't need more stuff, haha. XD

I forgot to add that payment must be received before the end of May 2005. That gives you 12 days to get everything together and sent off to me. Plenty of time, yeah? :)

English Manga
**All manga are in near mint condition unless mentioned otherwise**

Demon Diary volumes 1-7 $35 for the set, not selling individually

Hana Kimi volumes 1-3 $12 for the set, or $5 each

Tramps Like Us (aka Kimi wa Petto) volumes 1 + 2 $5 each

Suki: A Like Story volumes 1-3 $12 for the set, not selling individually CURRENT BID: $15 by lilbratbunny

Sensual Phrase volumes 1-5 $17 for the set, or $5 each CURRENT BID: $35 by themscarecrows

Chobits volumes 1 + 2 $5 each

Flowers and Bees volume 1 $5

Japanese Manga

1. Parfait Tic volume 9 $3
2. Prince of Tennis volume 10.5 $5
3. Prince of Tennis volume 11 $3
4. DNAngel volume 9 $2 (has a small fold on the back cover) CURRENT BID: $2 by vanilla_karia

Zettai Kareshi volumes 1, 3 + 4 $3 each

E's Otherwise volume 10 $5 CURRENT BID: $5 by vanilla_karia

**The following are shounen-ai/yaoi titles**

1. Shounen Shuuhasuu [Ousama no Kifu] volume 1 $5
2. Shounen Shuuhasuu [Ousama no Kifu] volume 2 $5
3. Kiss Me $5 CURRENT BID: $5 by zzz0666
4. Oujisama Lvl 1 $5
5. As You Wish $5

Tenshi no Kokoro de $15 for the set, not selling individually CURRENT BID: $15 by wingzer0angel

Dear Plus December 2003 anthology, comes with a fold out poster $5 CURRENT BID: $6 by ramen_rules

Hanamaru October 2003 (I think), mostly Japanese text with the occasional illustration and manga insert $5

June 25th Anniversary December 2003 issue, mostly Japanese text with the occasional illustration and manga insert $5 CURRENT BID: $5 by Astra Plain

Japanese Yaoi Doujinshi

1. Title: Ginger/Series: Naruto/Pairing: Kakashi x Iruka/Circle: Sannasubi Shinjiku-Nishiguchi Side $10
2. Title: Everlasting Love volume 2 (I think)/Series: Yami no Matsuei/Pairing: One sided Hijiri x Tsuzuki/Artist: Akira Nezu $3 CURRENT BID: $3 by Astra Plain
3. Title: Kasumi/Series: Saiyuki/Pairing: Homura x Goku/Circle: Time Capsule (Isumi Tomohiro & Kouyama Naru) $2 CURRENT BID: $2 by Astra Plain
4. Title: Get There/Series: Prince of Tennis/Pairing: mainly Golden Pair/Circle: Amanoya $2
5. Title: Tensai Seboten Campus/Series: Prince of Tennis/Pairing: All chara gag/Circle: Amanoya $2
6. Title: No clue, haha/Series: Prince of Tennis/Pairing: Atobe x Sengoku/Circle: Amanoya & beauty technique, mostly novel $2

**All DVDs are American releases, no bootlegs**

Saiyuki DVD boxset. Comes with the first DVD (contains the first five episodes) and the XXL shirt. I've been wearing it as a nightie cause it's humungous on me, but it's clean, so if you want it, by all means, you can have it. $10 CURRENT BID: $10 by spottedhyenae

1. His and Her Circumstances volume 1, contains episodes 1-6 $10
2. His and Her Circumstances volume 3, contains episodes 12-16 $10
3. Voices of a Distant Star $10 CURRENT BID: $10 by wingzer0angel

Cosplay Items
**All items come from a smoke-free environment**

Uchiha Sasuke wig from the anime/manga series Naruto. Custom commissioned from Katie Bair, and is the same wig featured on her site. I tried it on once a year ago, but never wore it to a con. It's a bit dusty. Comes with the wig stand, but without a wig cap. $20 CURRENT BID: $20 by junemermaid

Official Jump Festa 2003 Uchiha Sasuke cosplay shirt. One-size-fits-all medium (they made no other sizes). The tag says the chest is 88-96cm, if that helps. There is a stray white thread in the Uchiha clan symbol embroidery- that's how it was when I bought it, unfortunately. Worn to Anime Expo 2003 for one day. $30

Official Movic Uchiha Sasuke Wristcovers, still in original packaging. I wore them once to Anime Expo 2003, but they are still in near-mint condition. $20 CURRENT BID: $20 by umino

This is for the satin headband only (the big square one on the left). It's the original Naruto headband, before they started making the other model (pictured on the right). I wore it to Anime Expo 2003, and it's been sitting in my closet since then. No deep scratches on the metal forehead protector. The folds in the satin can be ironed out, I'm sure. $16 CURRENT BID: $20 by spottedhyenae

Official Jump Festa 2003/Yonex Prince of Tennis Yamabuki T-shirt. One-size-fits-all medium (they made no other sizes). Yes, the kanji are supposed to be on the shirt, that's how it is in the manga. Worn once. No spots or tears. $30

Close up of the patch | Close up of the tag + The copyright tag
Official British Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Gryffindor Scarf. Made in 2001. I bought it immediately after seeing the first movie. Worn a few times over the years, but still in good condition. $40


One pair of Nine West dark red shoes, size 7 1/2. Worn outside a few times, but they're a bit too small for my feet, so I stopped wearing them. There are two small scuffs, one on each shoe, but they aren't noticable unless you're less than a foot away from them. $10 CURRENT BID: $10 by biscuitgirl

One pair of MontegoBay Club sandles, size 8 1/2. I wore them outside once for my Sasuke cosplay at AX03 and they've been sitting in my closet since then. $5

I also have every American Newtype issue since it began. If there is one you don't have but want, let me know and I'll go dig through my pile. I have some of the promotional DVDs, and I can try to match them back up with their respective issue, but go in expecting not to get the DVD. All posters and original inserts are in them (save for the first few issues, which I bought secondhand myself). $5 each

This is my first time selling my stuff, so I don't have any feedback...but you can trust me, I promise. <3 Again, the item(s) goes to the highest bidder, cause I do so need the money. Bidding will be open until 6:00pm PST on Friday, May 20th, 2005. Comments are NOT screened (I think it makes things more fun that way, mwa ha ha). Please leave your email address so that I may contact you afterward should you win!

If you need to contact me for any reason, please don't hesitate to email ukeliciousL [at] gmail [dot] com! Thanks everyone!
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