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Relisting: CD, VHS, Manga, Cards, Etc.

All prices are negociable!


Luna Sea: Shine CD - $5 + $2 shipping
Pierrot: Cocoon single - $3 + $2 shippingSOLD


VHS tapes - $3 each + $3 shipping

All are Subbed. Tenchi Universe vol. 1 (eps. 1-4), El Hazard vol. 4 (eps. 11-14), Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals vol. 1

DNAngel vol. 6 (english) - $6 + $2 shipping

I somehow ended up with two of the same volume.

Princess Mononoke Film Comic vol. 2 (japanese) - $5 + $2 shipping

English single Manga issues - $2 each + $1 shipping

Gundam Wing: Battlefied of Pacifists #1, Sailor Moon #2, Oh My Goddess! Robot Wars Special, Record of Lodoss War: The Grey Witch

Kamen Rider toy (I think from a McDonald's Meal) - $3 + $2 shipping

Cards - Give me an offer for individual or sets:

Tenchi Muyo cards - English, 7 cards

Slayers cards - English, 7 cards

Final Fantasy Spirits Within - English, 7 cards

Evangelion: Death and Rebirth widescreen cards - Japanese, 7 cards

Animerica Issues! - I also have a TON load of Animerica magazine issues from several years up til the very end. So if there's any issue you are missing or need to have or was one a cosplay image of you was in, I'm up for selling it as long as you know what issue it is. Probably will sell them for like $3 or so.

Videogame Stuff:

Orphen PS2 game - $10 + $3 shipping

Only ever played a little 'cause the voices are dubbed.

Magic Knight Rayearth japanese Game Gear game - $7 + $3 shipping

It's of the dating sim format so thus I was never able to figure out how to get far. XP This one is a long shot as no idea if anyone still has a Game Gear besides me.

Ever 17 (Hirameki English version) Visual Novel 2 discs - $10 + $4 shipping ON HOLD


Hello Kitty Mini Coin Purse/Bracelet - $2 + $1 shipping

It's a really cute item and can hold a little bit of change in it.

Chinese Dragon Mini Purse/Coin Purse - $4 + $1 shipping

Mom got it once for me but I don't use purses and stuff like this.

"Lovely Flower" Mirror (Korean) - $3 + $2 shipping

Says "She is a fairy who delivers a good luck" XP

Old Cheap Wigs:

Bleach Blonde - no bangs - slightly past shoulder length - $8 (bought for $20)

Used for various cosplays. Is slightly ratty but can be fixed up. Not really as terrible as you'd think. Isn't that shiny though it does have a rather ghetto part.

Long Brown - no bangs - wavy curls - $5 (bought for around $20 I think)

This wig actually ended up not looking bad at all when I used it, despite its low quality. But its been through hell and back so its a tad bit on the ratty side, thus the really cheap price now. But its actually pretty good for an old Halloween wig. I used it back in 2003 for Kamijo from Lareine.


Sailor Moon pencil Speed Racer poster, flyers: Hoop Days, Taruto, WitchBlade, BetterMan, Gantz, Duel Jewel, Juvenille Orion

Small Posters: Love Hina, Jin-Roh, FLCL

Deal for Freebies: If you buy something you're welcome to any freebie but if you want one and are not buying anything, I ask you pay for shipping.

Other Stuff:
- Make me an offer


25 Original Offical POGs + 5 Slammers
30 Power Ranger POGs (including 1 Slammer) + 2 VR Trooper

Pink Power Ranger Auto Morph - The Flippy Heads Kind - Never Opened (I'm keeping my set but this was an extra one I got)
Random Power Rangers Monster...Thing. XP
Power Ranger Stickers

I prefer Paypal but I am also willing to accept concealed cash/checks. I live in the US but am willing to send items outside the US though shipping may change on some items. I will also be attending New York Anime Festival and AnimeUSA this year for any of those going who'd prefer to have items delivered.
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