saladstore (saladstore) wrote in garagesalejapan,

selling some things i bought in japan!


I bought this at the hard rock cafe in tokyo, unfortunatly being the masculine stud i am, i look terrible in this womans cut shirt D:. the size is xl, and ladies trust me it is not that big. the width is insanely slim, and the only reason i bought a xl is because i love long shirts, and the bigger the shirt size was the longer it gets (but the width stays eerily the same ._.)

I bought this for 4500yen (about $45) and i would love to see this go to a good home :)
i'll consider selling this at $45, but if you want to offer more then you definetly have priority over anyone else who wants it.

OK OK!! you caught me!! I actually bought this parasoil at AX (anime expo) but since i have two of these i'm trying to sell my unused one. the canvase is vynal, but the cherry blossums are hand painted. the under side is wood and it has a nice feel to it. i bought this originally for $20, but i would be willing to sell for $15

(left click > view image to view a bigger view of this)

I won all of these in a yugio tabletop game. OH YEAH. it was a arcade table top game :) and after about an hour of playing I won these cards XD i'm not sure if they are worth anything and I wasted a good $20 on them, but i will sell them for $1 or $5 for all of them :>

(hehe i'm going to sneak this one in) and i am still selling my pc-midi keyboard :) my last post got ~deleted~ and i'm not sure if it was a legitimate issue, or a mod was having a bad day (if its the later would you mind commenting so i can alleviate the problem before you delete? i do spend a good amount of time working on these posts) the keyboard is pictured here: <<linksies>> and is brand new condition. i'm selling it for $35 since i bought it new for $50. :) thanks!!

also please ignore all the spelling issues in this post xD. i'm about to seriously crash from being up for 2 days straight, but i really needed to post this or else i would just procrastinate about it -_-;;
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