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Selling RAH L figurine!

I'm selling the RAH L figurine!

And a Bamboo Fun Wacom Tablet! SOLD

Due to lack of space, I had to make the most heartbreaking decision of them all. Get rid of some anime figurines! ;_; I had to compromise and decided L should go to a new home, mostly because I never displayed him and it has a HUEG LIKE XBOX box (just an expression I picked from some tech blogs, but the box's size is 35x20x9cm (around 14x8x3 inches).

It's an opened box item. I took him out only once (and once more to take this pictures), and all accesories are there:

But I never displayed it. As you can see, the stand is still in its bag:

The whole thing is still like new, even the box has no visible wear.

Since it's opened but like new and never displayed, I'm selling it for $120 + shipping. Weight is aprox. 640g.
Currently I can only accept money orders (I'm so sorry, no paypal or similar ;_;). Or well hidden cash in an envelope at your own risk.
I am reluctant to use the cheapest shipping with such an expensive item, but I will leave that to the buyer's discretion.
Also, please take into account I live in California US, so for some people it may be cheaper to get it from an official website.
If you have any questions or inquiries just ask.

NOTE: I have this posted in other places, so even though there are no comments about buying here, it might get sold without notice. I'll make sure to post a notice on top of the page if it comes to that.



The Bamboo Fun Wacom Tablet (small version) is an opened item, just like new and barely used (had it out for a couple of weeks, boxed it again afterwards):

The measurements are 8.4 x 7.6 x 0.5 inches ; 12.3 ounces. With the box it weights approximately 2 pounds

Everything from the tablet to the box itself are in very good just like new conditions:

The tablet, pen, pen stand, mouse and replacement nibs are below:

The mouse, replacement nibs and software CDs are completely unused.

Manuals and all books and papers are inside, nothing is lost:

Since it's an opened but just like new item, the price is $60 + shipping. Currently I can only accept money orders.
Please take into account that I live in California US. If you are living outside US, due to shipping costs it might be cheaper for you to get this on an official website.
If you have any question please leave me a comment or send me a PM.
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