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11 September 2008 @ 11:50 am
Selling telekas+more (update)  
I apologize for posting again. I Updated the sales. Need money because Hubby is going to japan and would like to send him a shopping list ;). There's page for shitajiki (pencil boards)(complete), telekas (phonecards)(complete), Binsen (Stationary sheets) and misc items.

None of the items have prices, so if you are interested in anything, feel free to msg me with an offer. I will also be adding tomorrow a want list since Im willing to trade as well. At the moment I only collect DVD's (complete boxsets) and Binsen. Dvd wish list is up. With binsen, I dont really have a wish list, so I would have to see what's available. I am willing to pay for some items if the price is right ;)

* pages may be heavily loaded with images. Please bare with the wait if you don't have a fast connection

Shitajiki - http://geocities.com/orca7585/ashitajiki.html
Teleka's - http://geocities.com/orca7585/ateleka.html
Misc Items - http://geocities.com/orca7585/amisc.html
Binsen - http://www.geocities.com/orca7585/osite/sell/binsen/b2.html (these are taken with the camera)
If you are interested in any binsen that cannot be seen clearly, I'll retake a picture of it by itself so the details can be seen. My scanner broke down recently =/.

Binsen pt 2 - http://geocities.com/orca7585/abinsen.html

The monchrome binsen range from .25-.50c, and the fully colored ones are $1.50

Dvd Wish List!
It's a long list. . i'm sure this is only half of what I would like