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Clearing some items,
this money is going to Dark Tower Scans for future manga purchases.

Gintama Items
Duel Love Micro Fiber Towel
Ouran Host Club Plushie
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney -- Justice for All!

Gintama Sound Drops:
Free Image Hosting at

Okita Sound Drop (2 in stock)
(translation of dialogue)
"When Did I Ever Make Fun of Work?"

Kagura & Shimpachi Sound Drop (1 in stock)
(translations of what they say)
Kagura: "Can I have Seconds?"
Shimpachi: "You still want more?!"

Cost of Sound Drops: $5

Gintoki and Hijikata Plushies
Free Image Hosting at

Well, if you're interested in a Gintama Plushie, I can get ahold of them easily. There is a wider selection this way. The majority of the stock is the SAKURA GINTAMA plushies. They come in Okita, Shimpachi, Kagura, Sadaharu, Hijikata, Justaway*, Elizabeth*, and Gintoki.
* These items are rare and sell out quickly.
The cost of it new is: $15
For my service, I'm charging a $2 fee. (You know... transportation. I have to pay for gas too D:)
But this is if you REALLY want the plushie. And it excludes shipping.

Kaoru Hanging Plushie
Free Image Hosting at
Cost: $12
It's much larger then the Gintama plushies D:

Duel Love Character Microfiber Towel
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at
Cost: $10
The towel is of half a body, the full image is scene over cardboard.

Phoenix Wright for DS
Free Image Hosting at
Cost: $15

CDS all $5 each
Free Image Hosting at
Yuna Ito - Endless Love
Tommy Heavenly6- Ready?
Tommy February6 - Tommy February6 (HOLD)

Alright, so I prefer paypal. My e-mail is Send Paypal orders to that e-mail.
If you REALLY want the item and if no paypal person decides they want it, then I am willing to accept a money order. But it is at your own risk. If you think something is a little too pricey, I am willing to maybe lower it a dollar or two. But only if you ARE Going to PAY. I ship with 2-3 days, I'll only charge $1-$2 for shipping. Most items are from Japan. And I am the second owner of these CDs.

I guess that's it. Leave a comment if you're interested or e-mail me at:

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