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monster-sized sale ★ミ

Hey everyone〜

So, I've come to that point in life where you grow out of certain things and into new ones. So now I'm having a huuuge sale of all the things I've grown out of, but still see the valor in. :D Mostly Japanese things, with a tiny bit of Korean.
I did a ton of looking around before I set my prices so they're as low as possible, so even if you're not already searching for something in particular you should take a look. ♥

This will be x-posted everywhere it can be, haha.

xx15 CDs →【Miyavi MUCC alice nine. kaggra, Asian Kung-Fu Generation Akeboshi the Pillows Mika Nakashima Big Bang】
xx08 DVDs →【Big Bang Miyavi The Gazette Dir en grey】
xx16 Magazines →【SHOXX Cure Fool's Mate Arena37°C Silver Accessory Neo Genesis Purple Sky FRUiTS Kera】
xx03 Photobooks →【Miyavi】
xx01 Books →【San-x】
xx02 Toys →【Mamegoma Monokuro Boo】
xx06 Clothing →【Hello Kitty SEXPOT ReVeNGe Sexy Dynamite London Miyavi】

EXTREMELY image-heavy. No joke.

Please come take a look〜 @yakusoku or go straight to the entry.
Tags: fashion: general, magazines, music: jpop, music: jrock, music: kpop
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