midori_kunochi (midori_kunochi) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Any anime shitajiki you could possibly want!

Maybe some of you have seen this place, but if not, I thought I'd do you all the favor of introducing it!


This shop has pretty much any anime shitajiki you could possibly want: new and old, regular and rare. The shipping charges are fair and there are various payment options.

I am not connected to this shop in any way. I dont make any money or get any benefits. The only reason I am promoting it is because I know the owner and I know that pretty much all the money he makes from this shop goes into his cat rescue program (http://www.japancatnet.com/). The state of animal care in Japan is horrible, and this group is one of the few that are fighting to make things better. The Japan Cat Network gets no government funding and is paid for mostly with this guy and his wife's personal money.

So, if you or a friend are looking for shitajiki, check out this place. You get your goods AND help a good cause!
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