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WTB: Black Brand Parasol and DS: Bodyline, Meta, Offbrand



I would really like to buy a black brand parasol. My dream parasol is one of the Moitié ones, but I don't know if anyone is willing to sell theirs/I don't know if I could afford one. D:

That being said, I would really like BlackXSilver, but I know those are also really hard to come by so I would like to see (bXsilver, :P) bXblue, bXw ... and any blackX___ combination. :D I will consider blackXgold, but I really don't like gold, so I'm less likely to buy it unless it is really, really pretty.

My limit is $50 (maybe $60) (with/without shipping. It depends.) I wouldn't like to spend that much though, but if I find one I really like then I will. ^^*

Direct Sales

US buyers get priory since it's easier to ship within my own country. Sorry. T_T

No cats and/or dogs. Non-smoking house.

Payment: Paypal (I have a Premiere Account so everyone gets charged fees, sorry. I ask that you pay for the fees:, money order (from reliable source ex: bank, post office, ect.), concealed cash (at your own risk.) Payment expected within 3 days (unless you ask for me to hold an item). If you do not pay, the next person will get the item.

Feedback: eBay
Personal sales journal
and on the Database

Any questions, just ask.


Since I plan on getting a new parasol, I'm going to sell my old one. :D

I freakin' love this thing, but no matter how cute it is, it doesn't match my style anymore. DDDDD:

Top view
Plastic Tip (some wear)
Velcro fastener
Velcro fastener pic 2

Price: $25
Shipping: $13

~I have only used it 3-5 times in the rain and after each use it has been properly hung out to dry before being placed in a special umbrella bag (sorry, not included since it didn't come with the parasol) to keep it safe.

~Since I bought it at an amusement park the stars are hand drawn by the people I bought it from, but the marker used for the stars does not bleed. :DD They are proper waterproof markers and so the ink does not bleed. The ink does "feather" on the back star, but I asked them to do that and the black doesn't "feather" anymore than what they did.

~The white plastic tip at the top does have a little wear on it because I dropped it once on concrete.

~The strap used to keep it closed does have some light pink on it, but that's just from when I closed the parasol 2 minutes after the people drew the stars on. Stupid on my part since the ink was still slightly wet. >.<

~The parasol's inner-workings are in perfect working order and none of them are broken.

~It is totally waterproof so it can be used in rain or shine. :D

~The stars are Red, Silver, and Black

~Freakin' adorable. ^^

Offbrand White Skirt


Price:$15 (US shipping included :D) Or Best Offer within 24 hours

~Never worn, only tried on twice (to see if it was still too big)

~This is supposed to be worn at the hips, but can be worn at the waist too (that's how I tried it on).

~There was some bad lace on it near the bottom, but I took it off. Because of this there are some tiny pin holes where the thread was near the bottom, but they are not noticeable (I couldn't even get a picture of them).

~Hidden side zipper and clasp

~Waist/hips (depending on where you wear it): 31 inches (US size 2)

~Length: about 19 inches

Black Bodyline Skirt




It's only been worn twice for really short periods of time (about 2 hours all together).

Waist: 22 - 34 inches (I think it might be able to stretch more, but I'm not sure.)

Length: Anywhere from 12.5 inches to 26.5 inches

Price: $40 $30 $25 USD shipped (or best offer)

Meta Shopping Bag

So by accident my roommate placed our iron on one of my Meta Shopping Bags. D: She hadn't noticed that the bag was near the iron and placed the iron on top of it. But I figured that some thrifty/artisy loli could do something with it. :D

I've seen people do all kinds of cool things with these bags (ex: text book cover).

Picture of the Damage
Picture of the Damage 2 (other side)

Price: I just want $2.50 (US shipping and PP fees included). :DDDDD

~This is one of the bigger shopping bags (50cm X 59.5cm)
~It is slightly wrinkled from storage D:
I really just want to get rid of it because I feel really bad throwing it away. lol

Any questions, just ask~! :D
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