alice doesn't live here anymore (londoncrown) wrote in garagesalejapan,
alice doesn't live here anymore

WTB Kera, Cutie, H Magazine, or GLB

so i have some cash to spend and i decided to buy some magazines from japan because
i'm in a bit of a little slump here, when it comes to
designing stuff for myself. it helps to have reference photos as well. i'm only going to spend up to
certain amount.

like i said in the cut, i can only pay by concealed cash and buy from sellers in the united states.
i have never lost cash in the mail--i also have buyer feedback here if you'd like to see it.

for H magazine i'm looking for the november 2005 issue ft. paradise kiss
(see sample page here; and would like more
information on what's in the mag.

kera magazines-
- would like any with anna tsuchiya or nana kitade. give me some offers
and information on what's in each mag.

cutie mags
-- i want more of the recent issues perhaps august 08 or something.

gothic lolita bibles
-- i really just would like the patterns, actually. if you have the volume ( i think its
four) with the bloomer shorts in it, do you mind tell me the biggest size it can go up to? i'm not so
intent on buying a bible yet. but if you have a good offer, don't hesitate i'll consider it.

thanks so much ♥
Tags: fashion: egl, fashion: general, magazines
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