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Anime sale, free shipping

Anime lovers, I have only viewed once, if that, box sets. These animes were purchased last week and I didn't like them. Instead of having them take more room in my cramped cabinet I am selling them for less what I paid for them.

$40.00 each box set (shipping in the USA is free)

Aquarian Age
To Heart
Piano: the melody of a young girls heart
Final Fantasy Unlimited (only disc one was viewed)

$20.00 (shipped in the USA is free)
Shrine Maiden
Sommerset Days (viewed twice)

If you would like to see the picture of the box sets, I will send them to you or I may update this entry once I upload more pictures.

I also have for sale if anyone is interested:
Those of you who like sci if fiction I have the whole series of novels of
"The wheel of time series" Written by Robert Jordan. All 10 of them.

Only book one was read up to chapter 5, and my son didn't like it, and has been sitting on the shelf ever since.

I am asking $120.00 (1/2 of what I paid for them)for the whole set. (Shipping in the USA is free, may have to be shipped in 2 boxes)

Here are the titles of all 10 of those novels.

The eye of the world (read up to chapter 5)
The great hunt
The dragon reborn
The shadow rising (still in shrink wrap)
The fires of heaven
Lord of chaos
A crown of swords
The path of daggers
Winter's' heart
Crossroads at twilight

With school around the corner, and all that good stuff. If anyone needs a payment plan of some sort or wait for pay day, I will work with you.

Also looking for "Boy over FLowers "Mangas.
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