Agapetus (agapetus) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Looking to buy...

I'm looking to buy Katekyo Hitman Reborn doujinshi, particularly D18 or 6918. It's for someone's birthday, and I can't seem to find any. D: Oh, or Persona doujinshi. I'd be willing to pay $13 shipped or below.

I can send payments via concealed cash or PayPal. (Er, I sort of messed my my routing number, so now I have to wait for help. >_> So if you want me to pay with PayPal, then I might need a few days to get things straightened out. Earlier, it was on embargo because I spent too much. :x)

One can contact me here:

Also, I've heard a lot of horror stories regarding PayPal and their customer service. Is it okay? Any testimonials or warnings?

Tags: doujinshi
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