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20 September 2008 @ 01:18 am
(Used Item) hide Lemoned T-Shirt for sale and LM.C Items  

hide Lemoned T-Shirt for sale for sale at USD$18

Used Item and still in a very good condition, no fades or cracks on the graphics

M size

LM.C Items

Certain tour goods are still availible, As currently I'm holding a mass spree from LM.C shop until monday 22/09/2008.
Please take a look at http://h-metal.com/lmc/lmc_shop.html and send me a email if you are interested in getting them, more details will be provided

Send a message to eulbreve@gmail.com for more information.


Visit http://omise.blogdrive.com/ for more J-rock items and flyers!

Current Location: 11 Square Metres
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