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[Sale] J-music singles, posters, official and unofficial pictures, clippings, glossy pages

I have some Johnnys singles, uchiwa, official posters, magazine and doujinshi for sale HERE


- Daite senyorita LE
- Fever to future LE
- Fever to future Normal
- Hoshi wo mezashite LE
- Hoshi wo mezashite Normal

- Orange Range: Onegai senyorita
- Orange Range: Michishirube ~a road home~
- Orange Range: Shanghai Honey
- Hamasaki Ayumi: No way to say
- Hamasaki Ayumi: Carols
- Hamasaki Ayumi: Voyage
- L'arc en ciel: Ready, steady, go
- L'arc en ciel: NEO UNIVERSE/ finale
- Nakashima Mika (Nana): Hitoiro

- Ohkura & Yasu posters from 47 prefectures tour.
- Ohkura uchiwa from 47 prefectures tour.
- Cool magazine with Ohkura.
- Shuuji to Akira doujinshi.

Information and order HERE

For KAT-TUN clippings go HERE 

For NEWS clippings go HERE

For Arashi clippings go HERE

For Tackey & Tsubasa clippings go HERE

For V6 clippings go HERE

For Juniors clippings go HERE

I also have some posters, official/unnofficial photos, glossy pages up for sale HERE

The official photos are:

1 Subaru & Yasu (kanjani8)
 7 Kusano Hironori (from Shonentai's butai)
2 Aiba pictures

The unnofficial photos are:

3 Uchi unnofficial photos from kanjani8 Tokyo Dome concert

The posters I have are:

1 KAT-TUN only posters (KAT-TUN in both sides)
1 Yamapi and Kame (one side Yamapi, other side Kame)
1 Kitty GYM
1 Yamapi

Please visit my sale posts!!
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