Bree (shibuya_girl) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Hi everyone! I have a few little things for sale.

First up, some Pokemon postcards. I'm selling them really cheap so if you're interested please take a look 8]

Sets of all 10: x3

#1: x0 (sorry!)
#2: x0 (sorry!)
#3: x2
#4: x0 (sorry!)
#5: x1
#6: x3
#7: x1
#8: x2
#9: x0 (sorry!)
#10: x1

Price for set of 10: 5$ shipped

Price for set of 5: 2$ shipped

I also have some mini pez despensers for sale. I got them in Japan in the summer and since they were random, of course after 4 tries I couldn't get who I wanted 8[

I have THREE Lucario (I was trying to get Mew or Pikachu) and one Weavile. All of them are still in their eggs. I'm asking for $3 shipped (originally they were 200 yen, a little less than $2)

Paypal only, US shipping only. Thanks a lot 8D

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